KimIsGreat + KimmunityCon Branding

KimIsGreat is a Twitch Streamer who needed to establish a complete brand in order to promote her streams and keep her social media presences cohesive. She also hosted KimmunityCon 2021, a big 14-hour stream to celebrate gaining over 1,000 followers, which had a special logo to commemorate it.

Starting with a color palette derived from nail polish shades and a particular car color, the KimIsGreat logo was happily developed with the spirit of fun and not taking oneself too seriously. The cat and heart motifs carry on through the branding, showing up in backgrounds and overlays, with the cats (Anubis and Osiris) who inspired the logo showing up as the “Be Right With You” and “Be Right Back” screens. Her Twitch emotes were also heavily influenced by cats and favorite beverages, all the while making heavy use of the color palette.

The logo for KimmunityCon 2021 was created using the original KimIsGreat logo while adding the extra information to it. This logo will lend itself to subsequent KimmunityCons in the future while maintaining the integrity of the original logo. The emotes and color palette also remained the same, though KimmunityCon used the burgundy as the main color instead of teal.

I created a video for Kim using her KimIsGreat branding, incorporating clips sent in by some of her long-time Twitch Stream followers and using an animated variant of her logo. You can view the video here!