Willwaukee Twitch Brand Design

Developing a complete Twitch Affiliate brand design that can translate to print and other digital mediums.

Willwaukee became a Twitch Affiliate streamer in early June 2021 and needed a whole brand design centered around his hometown of Milwaukee, WI. The logo was created in less than an hour using the People’s Flag of Milwaukee (though at an angle to represent Willwaukee’s penchant to go “on tilt” on occasion!) and a funky videogame-esque font.

The Milwaukee and videogame themes were cheekily carried through the branding, especially in the custom Twitch emotes: a beer cheers, a cheese heart, and videogame sayings (GG/Hax/Lulz) designed in a comic book-like style. Willwaukee’s favorite video game, Mass Effect, was used to create custom Starting Soon, Be Right Back, and Stream Ending videos, which can be viewed during his streams, as well as a logo animation (made in Adobe After Effects)

Print pieces (business cards and t-shirts) were really fun to create to get the word out, as well.